Do I have to have a phone line?

No, you can easily communicate over the Internet, cell or using a Radio Backup leased by CSS.

How long does a signal take on average to get to CSS?

Depending on the method of communication, no longer than 30 – 45 seconds.

Do I have to be monitored?

No, you can purchase a professional system programmed by our technicians and have it just locally sound at the home or business. This can prompt an email or phone text message to be sent notifying authorized users of the alarm.

Can I have my bill automatically deducted?

Your monthly/annual bill can be deducted automatically, but all service calls have to be paid manually.

How much is Residential Monitoring?

Starting at $24.00/Mo.*

How much is Commercial Monitoring?

Starting at $27.00/Mo.*

Do you offer after hours service in the event of an emergency?

Yes, we always have an on-call technician ready for any after hours service. This is an extra cost and more than a typical service call but can be done.

Do you have a NICET Fire Inspector?

Yes, we have a level 2 NICET Fire Inspector.

Can you monitor elevators?

Yes, and we can also offer inspections of the elevator to ensure they’re up-to-code.

Are your technicians certified electricians?

Yes, all of our technicians have passed their Electrical Certification Test for both Washington and Idaho.

Can I see my cameras remotely?

Yes, you can see your cameras not only remotely but from a multitude of devices.