About Us

Certified’s business philosophy is based on the belief that how we treat others is as important as making a profit. We really want to make a difference in our clients’ and employees’ lives. We also want to provide a reliable and viable security solution in the communities we live and work. These beliefs and a commitment to higher standards, is what helps Certified deliver excellent customer service and support – and our clients will testify. We strive to stay technologically advanced and aware of what best fits our needs client’s most.

A strong team environment with co-workers and their families is another valuable asset to Certified’s culture.


Our team of dedicated individuals that want to continue to learn and grow is a great factor to the success at Certified. One of the major problems that a lot of security companies can have is employee turnover and job abandonment. You hire someone and they just don’t work out, or they think that they can do it better on their own. Certified has been blessed over the years, as our turnover rate has been lower than industry average.


We have established our own mission statement & values, which we as a company believe in. This loyalty, dedication, and commitment to both the company and our clients are just additional reasons that differentiate Certified from the “rest of the security companies”. We are proud to have so many long-term employees growing and developing with Certified over the years.

Our Staff Is Just One More Reason Why: We Say, “At Certified, there really is a difference!”


A very big thank you to our employees. Without you, it just wouldn’t be as much fun and we couldn’t have achieved the successes we have.