Home Security is NOT Just a Matter of Hardware. Look for a company that can provide you with real security and innovative technology options.

PROPER DESIGN: A properly designed security system can offer many benefits to the homeowner and help keep your family secure. A security system is a detection system, complete with different types of devices for unique kinds of problems, with controls that allow flexibility – tracking of children coming and going after school, opening a specific cabinet or drawer, motion activated cameras and lights, medical panics, biometric readers, access cards and door control, etc.


True Peace of mind only comes when you know that your most valuable assets, your family, and your home, are truly protected.

Our sales team offers in home consultations for every system sold and installed. As technology continues to change, feel confident in knowing that our sales team and staff are highly trained on the latest security and intrusion detection devices and best practices.


Certified Security Systems is the ONLY local alarm monitoring center in the Spokane area. Many other companies rely on selling our account to subcontractors and 3rd party monitoring centers – or us! Reputable and fast service are second to none at Certiifed, and we take pride in protecting out local community.


One of the leading causes of death in a home is fire. Your security system should include smoke and heat detectors throughout the home. Plus, your family has to be prepared in case of an emergency, through training so they know how to respond during a fire.


A growing cause of death is a result from carbon monoxide poisoning. Recently, one of our client’s children came home from school and nearly died when the furnace malfunctioned and spewed carbon monoxide into the house. In North Idaho, a man and his son died when they checked on his rental home. Carbon Monoxide KILLS!


One of our clients, before they were a client of ours, was on vacation and during a sudden freeze and power malfunction came home to water flowing out from under their door. There was 4 feet of water in the 2,000 square foot basement! They guessed the water had run for 10 days.


This is a very special service that allows Certified’s central monitoring and dispatch center to listen (only during an alarm) in to your home or business and talk to you – or the bad guy. We have many successful examples with this 2-way voice service. It really helps life safety situations and helps reduce in false alarms.